About Barbara Delledonne


Barbara Delledonne insists that the community — not she — leads the classes, but nevertheless Barbara is an accomplished and inspiring instructor.

She is grateful to have studied with Patricia DeAngelo, Olga Lerner, Marianne Mitsinikos, Ma Mokshapriya Shatki and Dr. Miguel Andujar.

Barbara believes that yoga is only one expression of life as self-study. She often shares readings and insights during class from the realms of spirituality, philosophy, psychology and science that speak of the many universal truths that make life so extraordinary to observe.

Her greatest joy as a teacher is seeing others find a source of expression and wonderment and glimpses of the Divine in practicing yoga.

“I am continually inspired and amazed by how a very diverse collection of people can come together and each find something that speaks to them. We are of different ages, religions, ethnicities and professions. We have different challenges, physical limitations and states of mind. We come from different backgrounds and belief systems, yet the short time we spend together unites us.

As a group, we often swoop into class hurried, frazzled and disconnected from ourselves. It is often this need to slow down, untangle and reconnect that will lead the flow of the class, in spite of my best efforts to give the class what I intended. When I see the peace in everyone’s expressions and how we walk in our bodies when we go our separate ways, I know that the group energy that took over came forth with precisely what was needed.”