About Santi Yoga


What began as a local yoga community under the guidance and care of Olga Lerner is now known as Santi Yoga.

Olga’s gentle manner and poetic nature attracted a group of like-minded people. This group of souls, who showed up for themselves and expressed a desire for self-care, evolved into a community that now nurtures and supports each other.

Santi Yoga is a reflection of the needs of the community and of the individual, whether you approach the practice as exercise and a way to heal or challenge the mind/body, or as a spiritual journey.

Yoga offers us tools for breathing and remaining calm and alert while under mental stress and physical discomfort in order to tap into a much greater source of wisdom and guidance.

Santi means “peace” in Pali (the language of ancient Buddhist writings) and Yoga means “to unite.”

Each time you step to your mat, you “unite” in “peace” with the others around you, as well as with your inner self… you participate in the creation, continuation and also the flow and change that is Santi Yoga.